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What’s the best way to clean vinyl records? The answer continues to be Spin-Clean: an easy, effective, and affordable way to clean your LPs, 45s, and 78 RPMs without using your valuable turntable as the cleaning device. With the Spin-Clean Record Washer MK II record cleaning system, you’ll add years to all your equipment including your turntable, stylus (needle) and, of course, your record collection.

The Spin Clean® Record Washer MKII looks and feels right. It’s inconspicuous in size (six inches wide by fifteen inches long and six inches high) with no power requirements, making it the “greenest” record cleaner in the industry. Best of all, no installation makes it the most flexible and attractive record cleaning package on the market. Each Spin-Clean® Record Washer MKII comes with a 4oz. bottle of the MKII washer fluid which is enough fluid to clean up to 700 records, two washable and re-useable MKII drying cloths, one pair of MKII Brushes, one pair of MKII Rollers and a MKII owner’s manual.


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